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I know a place
Where poetry flows like a stream
Creative minds producing wonders and thunder
For peace and justice, pens scream

A world of peace
With poetry as her language
It’s freedom yet without price
Setting free chained voices from bondage

See, army of poets
Seared with a common vision
Words exploding from deep within
Words of valour, words of hope

WRR,a great hub for study
Where learning never end
Raising baby poets, fed with facts
Awakening passion for verses

With the pen as our sword
Tirelessly fighting societal ills
We rhyme slaps on corruption
Undress injustice with sonnets
Expose immorality in triolets’ refrain

Here is the place to be
Come here, find a voice
Come here, find a family

Written by: Ifetayo Abiola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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editor at Words Rhymes & Rhythm, Nigeria's number one poetry platform


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