UTOPIAN SYMPHONY by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche


Open your mouths
let your tongues taste
the morning dew’s, farm
fresh from heaven’s dock

let it kiss your lips
with its misty chill,
so your charred rims
would come alive again

permit it soothe your pores,
allow it drench your cores, and
pierce your souls, darkened by
the new demons of social heresy

breathe it, feel it, taste it,
this utopian symphony, come
to rid your minds of worry,
now the night is done.

Sing new songs at dawn, like
the morning birds – in praise
to the One. The One that giveth
peace and hope for the mornings!

UTOPIAN SYMPHONY by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

UTOPIAN SYMPHONY by Yugo Gabriel Egboluche

About Author

I am a young man with a mind full of deep seated thoughts – factual and fictitious. Poetry to me, is freedom especially when it hinges on thoughts meticulously weaved into word crochets. I use my poems to explicate the torments of mental slavery, the consequence of inaction and the freedom of knowing. What other way to rid one\'s mind of deep seated thoughts, than in poetry? Do feel free to comment, ask questions and critic, I am always open to learning and sharing. And hey, I am fun loving too!

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