THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Martins Tomisin


Roused in the heart of night
I sit and stare
Boiling in the rhythm of thought
On this road,
Life lost,
Life saved,
Beauty flies by and by
Pain flies by and by
Hope dashed against stones
Story meshed upon stories

They pop up like a RAVEN
That fed Elijah meat and bread.
Feeding the myriad of people with wad

Under the gaze of sun,
The throngs aligned on a longish axis
As if money is doled out
To assuage the flared-up sac
There, mopping their perspiring brows
Some pressed in bladder,
Some pressed in the sac
To give ears to the callings
Of the hawkers spicy, relished rice

When the day piggyback its tasty honey,
They fed fat till they ran out of money
The world is there at their feet
Yet, they are sit-tight patriot.
Skinny beggars of dough
Lackey to their school-pundit, Judas Iscariot

Those who paced them,
On the golden throne-seat
Are now confined to a wheelchair
Waiting, on and on
Dancing SHOKI
Painting the street light for gyration
The crabby cries
“Where are the beautiful ones?
Are they yet to be fructified?
Are they still nipping at their
Mother’s nourishing coconut buttermilk?
Or probably still contemplating
On their caravan to the world?”

Oh yes!
The beautiful ones are here
Who play sweet smart in politics?
Who put on the diamond-morning,
Silver sun-smile?
Who paint the sky green and white
Like the Nigeria’s flag?
Who do not give arms to the rustling wind?
He is,
Who surrender to the fear of his Maker.

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Martins Tomisin

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Martins Tomisin

About Author

My name is Martins Tomisin, a talented budding poet who reside in Nigeria at Agbado Ope-ilu, Ogun State. I am currently studying English at OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY. I love spending most times writing poetry or short stories. I grew strongly in love with writing at age eighteen, one of my poem written at that time is \"My Journey of Life\" which rationalises on the journey of MAN till his last breath. Poetry is one of the most outlet that gives me pleasure - I derive pleasure in writing poetry and it is one of my hobbies. For the past few years, I have been called upon to read out my poems aloud in many occasions, like church, school, home and so on. My poems has won me awards in school competition and so on. Poetry is one of the best outlet for me to pour out my pent-up emotions which people can learn from and be entertained. Some of my poems has served as a wonderful muse to some writers in discovering a new stylistic ways of handling of poetry.

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