SALAAM ALAYQUM by Samuel Amazing Ayoade


Salam holds a glittering sword in his right
And a well sharpened matchete in his left
He cries for war in the nooks of every crannies
Roaring on our streets and panting for blood
With speeches decorated with tricks and cunnies
Salam Alay’kum, Salam Alay’kum, I have seen peace cry for war.
Salam wears a scary mask of threat
Feigning a smile behind a scary face
Throwing the metro into pandemonium
As cars jostle and run into one-and-other
As they try to hide theirselves outside the dark vacuum of peace
But, then came the kaboom of guns
From the marveling rifle in Salaam’s hands
I have heard men say,
“Salam Alay’kum, Peace Be Unto You”
But I have seen peace thirst for blood.
Salam errands for gods that suck blood
His reward lies in the bleeding souls of men
His delight is not in rams and goats
But in the bleeding throats of man
Presented to vultures in a dish of putrefying odour
Upon a large expanse of blood thirsty land
Salam professes peace with his mouth
But hold a sword to our neck
Salam Alay’kum! Tell Salam to keep his peace
For we all hate peace with passion.

SALAAM ALAYQUM by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

SALAAM ALAYQUM by Samuel Amazing Ayoade

About Author

Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen), BORN ON 27th March, 1995; is a prolific young writer, a Higher National Diploma student of Federal College of Animal Health and Production Tech, Ibadan. He is an writer, singer and actor with several poems, music tracks and films to his credit; and the founder of CHRYSOLITE WRITERZ, NIGERIA. He resides in Oyo State, Nigeria. The 2nd place winner of BPPC March 2016 edition, 7th place winner of BPPC April, 2016, 3rd place winner, BB Slam II Written Stage.

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