RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere

Your eyes wear mascara lines
Open them and free the lashes
Unclad, my emotions lay bare
Calm my athletic pulse
A butterfly sheds its cocoon
No tears wanderlust
Cold winds tell a tale of betrayal
Hasty promises and broken dreams
As I fall head first into indifference
Nature favors the dice, a cruel game
Grow little seed grow, die and then grow
Etched on walls, scribbles of the lovelorn
Tell me you will
Hold me closer still
Each flaw I wear on my sleeve
Window panes mirror her pain
And as sure as the sky is blue
You know that every word is true
I will hold my breath for you
Till sepals stretch and petals yawn
Echo, echo remains
No words, even the wind holds
Desperately I trust to hope
Stay, I will stay…she whispers
RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere

RESONANCE by Efe Ogufere

About Author

Efe Ogufere is a banker, poet, blogger and critic. His poems “Babel”, “A Reporter from Zaire”, “Ants in a Beehive” and “Recluse Republic” have featured in the following: The Lion King Magazine, Brittle Paper, Afrikan Mbiu, Atrubic and The Poetry Sanctuary. His works have also featured on The Pulse Nigeria. Efe draws his influence from songs of all genres, He blogs at and is on Twitter (@theAventurine)

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