PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko


The preacher once told a story
Pretty much about our affairs so gory
It’s the tale of a prodigal son
But isn’t it also of the prodigality
Of the father’s generosity?

For which father would stand a son
Poking him in the eyes
While his sun still shines in the sky?
Or, which man would bless a child
Who intends to pour him sand
While he still stands?

Prodigal! This father is even more
While the son is still away in a distant soil
Squandering his share of the father’s spoil
Father’s gaze is laden with mercy in full measure

And as the son comes to sight
Still approaching in a distant light
The father’s heart springs to highs
Prompting him to leap forward
To seek the lost son in a warmth embrace

Then he calls out to the folks
“Let’s celebrate”

This tale then is of a prodigal mercy
That moves every heart in folly
To shelter in the embrace of the father’s clemency
Where the lost is found
And the uncelebrated is celebrated

PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

PRODIGAL MERCY by Dominic Ayegba Okoliko

About Author

Dominic is a social critics, a poet and an essayist with keen interest in social reflection through the use of literary art. His other works can be found on this page as well as on,, Nigeria News24 and others. When he's not writing, he's out there engaging life in its raw state from whence he derives his reflections. Dominic stays in Lagos. You can twit him with @Ayedom1

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