LEFT BEHIND by Morenikeji Oloye


I walked away, with thoughts that I really could.
Not that I did not love her like a man should –
In fact, for her, I would catch a grenade,
But her love was not even a convincing charade.

I’m tired; being the puppet and her, my “madam”,
I’m sick of being the inferior in our little realm,
I’m jaded; being the only fighter in the storm,
I’m exhausted from always being the victim.

I walked away because it was the best decision.
I envisaged with her, a beautiful lifetime.
Lo and behold, it was just an illusion,
‘Cos only I nurtured that kind of dream.

This feeling, I wish you did me good.
Oh! This feeling, I wish you were never born.
I traipsed from her, with thoughts that I could,
But a major part of her still lingers on.

LEFT BEHIND by Morenikeji Oloye

LEFT BEHIND by Morenikeji Oloye

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I am an embodiment of God's amazing grace. I love to imagine, to dream wide and wild - and writing helps me out! I'm a bit shy, but I love writing because it helps me talk to a nonphysical audience, to the high, the mighty, the low and the weak, altogether! You can follow me on instagram @sisi_moren for more mind-blowing stuffs. XOXO

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