I AM by Joshua Levites


I am the only wine
Strong enough to make you blotto,
The only cure to your illness.
I know thou art mighty and strong
Only because I am here,
For you. With you.
And only I, could be the reason
You are weak, again.
Only I could make you whole
Even when I am the reason
You need to be complete.

I am the one behind your breathing
That counteracts rhythm.
I am the only beauty
That can get you uglily insane.
Into my eyes you look
To be whole again.
But here I am; the only reason
You ever needed healing.

I AM by Joshua Levites

I AM by Joshua Levites

About Author

I am Joshua of the Levites clan. I read. I write. I sing. I play. I design. I speak. I am shy, most times. I am unpredictable, too. I am a Lover. Christian. Believer. Winner.

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