WRR POETRY (Words Rhymes and Rhythm) is a social-reorientation poetry sharing platform where you get the best of Nigerian poetry from the best Nigerian poets.

Our poets are committed to their roles as the CONSCIENCE of the World, at a time when everyone seems to be lost and wandering, questioning, probing and appraising, through their verses, towards a better World.

Here, we share our verses, our hearts, our thoughts, hopes and aspirations community— changing the world through positive, change-preaching poetry.

With utmost faith in the healing power of poetry, this community bring the works of young, budding (and established) poets into the hearts of the peoples of the world.

We hope to rewrite the world, one healing verse at a time.

WRR POETRY is member of the WRR Group which also includes VerseUp!, Authorpedia, and WRR College Of Poetry.

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